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Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Fine lines are a result of both aging and facial movements such as squinting or smiling.

Best for treating:

Brown Spots & Sun Spots

Uneven Pigmentation

Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Enlarged Pores

Treatment Options for Fine Lines & Wrinkles

There are several non-invasive methods of treating fine lines depending on their cause, location, and depth.
The Solutions

Botox®, Dysport®, and Jeuveau®

Neuromodulators, also known as neurotoxins, immobilize the muscles that cause expression lines and wrinkles. These injectables are best used around the forehead, eyes, and upper lip. Results are not immediate and will continue to improve over the course of 0-2 weeks. Our expert team will help determine the best injectable for you and your needs.

Dermal Fillers

Natural dermal fillers are highly effective in filling in fine lines, especially around the mouth, cheeks, and chin. Dermal fillers can take years off your appearance by restoring volume to places that have lost subcutaneous fat. These FDA-approved fillers can plump the lips, correct nasal imperfections, contour the jawline, smooth the hands, and diminish wrinkles.

Ultherapy, the only FDA-cleared ultrasound procedure to non invasively lift the eyebrow, neck, and under-chin area, is now also FDA cleared to improve décolletage lines and wrinkles! Smooth skin on the chest with micro-focused ultrasound that prompts the production of new collagen.

Laser Genesis

In addition to refining pores, smoothing uneven textures, reversing sun damage, and helping with rosacea and acne, Laser Genesis also stimulates collagen production to lessen fine lines. Plus, because treatments typically take 30 minutes or less, Laser Genesis can easily be performed on a routine lunch break. Laser Genesis is most commonly used to treat the face or neck but can be used anywhere on the body.


Fraxel Restore is a 4-treatment series of non-invasive laser resurfacing that promotes natural skin rejuvenation and collagen production to reduce or remove fine lines. Fraxel can also be used to reduce acne scarring, diminish brown spots and treat keratosis.

Chemical Peels

Both the VI Peel and ZO 3-Step Peel are great for targeting fine lines, discoloration, rough texture, large pores, and dullness. Peels are also a great alternative for patients with darker skin tones on which certain laser treatments cannot be safely used.


We offer several medical-grade microneedling treatment options for gorgeous, youthful skin. Microneedling stimulates the production of growth factors to dramatically reduce fine lines, diminish scarring and improve skin texture.

Dr. Ingber, M.D.

Dermacure is an aesthetic medical office owned and operated by Craig Ingber, MD a board certified Facial Plastic Surgeon.

Dr. Ingber is a clinical instructor of surgery at UCLA Medical School and performs all injections upon request. He is a top 1% injector of Botox and Juvederm in the nation and is the #1 physician injector in Santa Clarita Valley.

There are so many options for treating fine lines and wrinkles. Schedule a consultation to discuss the best option for you!

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*Individual results may vary.

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