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Rosacea and Redness

Rosacea & facial redness can have an enormous impact on one’s self-esteem. In surveys by the National Rosacea Society (NRS), 51% said their condition had even caused them to miss work at times.

Best for treating:

Brown Spots & Sun Spots

Uneven Pigmentation

Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Enlarged Pores

At DermaCure, we offer state-of-the-art treatment options proven to reduce redness, decrease bumps and pimples, minimize flushing, and more. If you’re struggling with rosacea and redness, contact us today to learn more about our life-changing procedures.

Treatment Options for Rosacea & Redness

Laser Genesis

Laser Genesis is a soothing, non-invasive procedure that uses gentle heat to stimulate collagen and reduce redness in dilated capillaries. For treating rosacea, we typically recommend 6 treatments, each spaced 2 weeks apart.





“I always pictured laser treatments to be some major endeavor. I didn't realize that basically everyone was getting these treatments. Laser Genesis is SO simple and easy and I see immediate results! I just pop in for a quick visit then go on with my errands. It's been life-changing. ”
- JM

IPL FotoFacial

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) FotoFacials are another effective procedure for treating rosacea and redness without pain or downtime. This treatment is often packaged with Laser Genesis for the ultimate control of rosacea.





“WOW. It's honestly been 20 years since I saw my skin looking this even. I look like me – but better. I don't even need foundation anymore.”
- AT

This lightweight cream uses biomimetic peptides and botanical ingredients to calm redness and discomfort. SkinCeuticals Redness Neutralizer is designed to minimize flare-ups and control hyper-reactivity to environmental triggers.

Call us at (661) 257-8400 to purchase or learn more about SkinCeuticals products. In-office and curbside pickup available.

Dr. Ingber, M.D.

Dermacure is an aesthetic medical office owned and operated by Craig Ingber, MD a board certified Facial Plastic Surgeon.

Dr. Ingber is a clinical instructor of surgery at UCLA Medical School and performs all injections upon request. He is a top 1% injector of Botox and Juvederm in the nation and is the #1 physician injector in Santa Clarita Valley.

Don't let rosacea or redness hold you back. Schedule a consultation to discuss the best treatment option for your lifestyle.

*Individual results may vary.

Instantly achieve the perfect pout you've been wishing for!

*Individual results may vary.

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