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Skin Laxity & Sagging

As we age, our body’s natural collagen production begins to decrease. This causes our skin to sag, leading to jowls, turkey necks, drooping cheeks and more.

Best for treating:

Brown Spots & Sun Spots

Uneven Pigmentation

Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Enlarged Pores

Treatment Options for Skin Laxity & Sagging

If you’re suffering from skin laxity or sagging, we can help. Our non-surgical procedures involve little to no pain or downtime

The Solutions


A remarkable ultrasound procedure that lifts, tightens, and tones skin without surgery. This non-invasive treatment is FDA cleared to lift the eyebrow, neck, decolletage, and under-chin area.

Genius RF Microneedling

Pair microneedling with the power of radio frequency enegy to dramatically reduce wrinkles, diminish sweating, improve skin texture and reverse skin laxity anywhere on the body.

Dermal Fillers

Restylane & Juvéderm’s suite of high-quality dermal fillers quickly correct drooping jowls, sinking brow lines, and sagging skin around the mouth and nose.

Dr. Ingber, M.D.

Dermacure is an aesthetic medical office owned and operated by Craig Ingber, MD a board certified Facial Plastic Surgeon.

Dr. Ingber is a clinical instructor of surgery at UCLA Medical School and performs all injections upon request. He is a top 1% injector of Botox and Juvederm in the nation and is the #1 physician injector in Santa Clarita Valley.

You don't need to suffer from skin laxity and sagging!

*Individual results may vary.

Instantly achieve the perfect pout you've been wishing for!

*Individual results may vary.

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